If you suspect that your husband is having an affair, then there is a very big possibility that your suspicions are right. As the old saying goes, when there is smoke, there is fire. This means your suspicions may have merit especially if you really feel strongly about. However, you cannot just accuse your husband right away unless you can prove it. This is why if you suspect that your husband has a mistress, then you should watch out for the following signs.

Spends more time at work

After a few years of marriage, you already know your husband’s schedule. This means you know when he goes off work and what time he arrives at your home. When all of a sudden, your husbands starts spending more time at work when he didn’t get any promotion or get assigned to a special project, there is a big possibility that your husband may not be at work. Instead, your husband might be spending time somewhere else and is only using work as an excuse.

Becomes extra nice suddenly

A husband can feel very guilty if he is cheating on his wife. Because of this guilt, he will try to be extra nice to his wife in order to make up for his cheating ways. If you noticed that your husband becomes abnormally nice and attentive, then there is a very big possibility that your husband is guilty about something.

Gives excuses for everything

A cheating husband is also a paranoid husband. This is why, they will often give excuses for everything they do. When your husband starts giving elaborate excuses for being late when you never asked for an excuse, then there is a big possibility that your husband is doing something bad in secret.

Buys you expensive jewelry for no reason

This is once again, a manifestation of a cheating husband’s guilt. When he starts buying you expensive jewelry when you know for a fact that your birthday or anniversary is still months away, then you really should be suspicious. Most men are tight fisted and they will only buy jewelry when they think they need to make up for something.

Lipstick on the collar

Another very common sign that your husband is having an affair is lipstick on his collar. When you are doing your husband’s laundry, you should check the collar for lipstick stains.A mistress likes to leave their mark on their men by kissing the collar while wearing red lipstick. There is no explanation why they do this. However, many movies, TV shows as well as books would often expose that a husband is having an affair when the wife sees a lipstick mark on her husband’s collar.

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