If you know your spouse is having a close personal relationship with someone they are at the beginning stages of an affair. At this point the relationship may not be physical but it can be just as devastating to you. What this is called is an emotional affair and yes it is a form of cheating.

If your spouse has this intimate connection with someone, what will happen is you will lose out on that same connection between the two of you. That is an emotional and intimate connection that should be shared between you and your spouse and now it is focused on someone else. If you are trying to figure out whether their behavior is due to an emotional affair read on.

1. Does your spouse get defensive about the possible relationship with another and lets your relationship suffer? If they are defending the other person instead of standing up for you then for some reason they feel the need to protect themselves for reasons they themselves may not understand.

It is possible they were put together by their boss to work on a project and they had no say over it. If they ask their boss to assign them with someone else or ask the other person not to call them at home, that might alleviate some stress. Pay attention to the excuses and you will eventually find the truth. It is possible there really was nothing going on.

2. When you ask your spouse as to their whereabouts how do they react? If they get angry it is possible they are feeling guilty about what they are doing. Being accused of doing something wrong is upsetting them because they know they are being accused of something they should not be doing.

For this reason be careful when you bring up the subject or make accusations. Try to word your questions in a way that does not have the word you in them. That will make them seem less like they are being interrogated, instead of just saying I know you’re cheating on me.

3. Do you know any details about the relationship between your spouse and the other person? If you find they are open about their conversations and what they are doing they apparently have nothing to hide and there may be nothing serious going on. However if they know what they are doing is not right they may not say anything to you at all. They will be secretive because they are worried about your disapproving of what they are doing.

Off course these are just a few signs you might look out for. An emotional affair may not lead to anything serious yet it is an affair in its own right. Be careful about accusing your spouse until you have solid proof or you could make your relationship worse if you are wrong.

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