Is that big day due to roll around in a matter of weeks? Want to do something extra special, but the economy has you down? Thought about taking that honeymoon you never had, but afraid it will break the bank.

While it is true that the economy has been a bit like the Titanic of late, with some creative thinking and some web sleuthing there are deals to be had and great memories to be made. A great anniversary trip does not have to be expensive. Sure sipping drinks in New York City or kissing under a starry sky from high atop the Eiffel Tower would be wonderful memory making trips, but require more cash, given the flash.

Getting back to basics is the motto. Make the trip truly about YOU and your love. Make the trip a time to connect and bond and escape the day to day pressures without generating any financial woes. This anniversary make the day about time spent together.

Vacation in Your Town

Really watching the pennies? Be a tourist in your own town! Set out for lunch at a favorite restaurant or eatery. Call ahead and let them know it is a special occasion, ask for the better table and perhaps request a special wine or dessert. Most restaurants, especially locally owned and operated ones, will be happy to make your special day memorable. In nice weather, hit the gourmet grocery, pack a picnic and head to the park. After lunch, consider a walk or a visit to a local museum or attraction. Quietly walking arm in arm and listening to what is on each other’s minds.

After whiling away the afternoon, head home if you are really on a tight budget; otherwise consider a local hotel or bed and breakfast. Many hotels and inns offer midweek specials, as do tourist cabins and cottages. Check around and see what is within your budget.

If you stay at home, make arrangements for the kids to spend the night with friends or family. If you stay at the hotel, request a honeymooner’s package or anniversary special. Many hotels offer extra little perks for customers celebrating that special day.

Another avenue, consider using your points. If you travel for business, or have been collecting airline points, check to see if they are good for hotel coupons or dinner vouchers. Doing your homework will reap many rewards. As you retire for the evening, relaxed and totally focused on each other and not the hefty price tag.

Budget Vacations, Just like when it all began

For many couples starting out young and with limited cash flow was a tiny bit of the romance. You shared a plate when the pocketbook was light. You sought out the freebie or nearly free events around town and when you scrapped together enough for an out of town trip, it was budget city.

Now that you have settled into life and have the house with the picket fence, why not re-live some of those lean years and plan a budget trip and relive some of the romance of being starving artists. Just as vacationing at home, consider all your avenues for stretching that dollar.

A short road trip is your best bet, just enough time in the car to be close but not eat into the fun time. Why not research events and other budget activities in the area. Your local bookstore or library should stock plenty of travel guides, loaded with low cost ideas and tips.

When booking accommodates, follow the same tips as if you were to stay home. It pays to check out the week day specials and sometimes it is best to call the hotel directly to see if there are any specials for the given week. If you must go on a weekend, do you homework, there are a number of great website which offer packages and other specials for the bargain tripper.

Pack a travel pack loaded with all your favorite candies and goodies from the good old days. Burn a CD of your favorite tunes from those early days; include some songs from your wedding reception or other special moments to set the mood. This trip is not about the destination, but rather the journey which has brought you to this magical moment.

By Air or By Sea, Bring my true love back to me

If this is a big year anniversary and you have saved up some money but still want to stretch those dollars, consider an off season cruise or shop around for specials. They are out there for someone willing to do their homework. Tourism is off in many places. Given the economic woes and for those who have scrapped together some extra cash, or been planning ahead, those deals are ripe for the picking.

While you may still have to economize, your dream vacation is still possible if not scaled down a touch. Consider taking a slightly shorter trip. Book an off season time or switch the honeymoon suite for a regular room.

Many all inclusive resorts offer specials – check into those. An all inclusive resort is a nice budget mined options because the price is fixed but understanding the fine print is crucial to avoiding any check out sticker shockers.

Leverage the web, surf around and price compare. It will take some time – there are deals out there, but as always it is buyer beware. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is so keep looking. Only book travel through well known and reputable sites.

Anniversaries are about remembering the love you share and all the memories yet to come. Whether planning the honeymoon you never had or attempting to get away from it, without breaking the budget, a little hard work and internet sleuthing combined with a dose of creativity and the perfect trip is within reach, no matter what your budget may be.

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