After finding homemade anniversary gift ideas was a lacking resource online, I did some research. I found there were endless choices when it comes to homemade gift ideas around. However although there are a lot of ideas – not all are suitable as wedding anniversary gifts.

Why should you make your anniversary gift at home? A gift from the heart is always a good choice. Homemade gifts do not have to be overly complicated to make or tacky. Even if you lack skills in the craft area you can make a successful homemade anniversary gift.

After all – you were promised homemade anniversary gifts that you can actually make! I will share with you my two favorites. They are both easy to make and you most likely will have all the needed ingredients and bits and pieces at home.

My favorite homemade anniversary gifts are – yummy bath salts and love messages in a jar. Both come under the “gifts in a jar” category. They are my favorites because they are easy to make, require no particular special skills and usually everything you need – you already have!

My all time favorite is bath salts in a jar. Lets face it – who doesn’t love a gift of pampering? A trip to the spa isn’t always an option. Except for possibly the glycerin (which is an optional ingredient anyway) you more than likely have all the needed ingredients at home. Bath salts are a great anniversary gift idea as they can be adapted easily, to make a different “flavor” just use a different essential oil! You could make lavender bath salts, citrus bath salts or any other essential oil that you like.

A close second is love messages in a jar. This requires a bit of planning on your part. The idea is that you write up lots of romantic love messages (365 to be exact!) and put them in a jar of love. You don’t have to come up with all of them yourself, anniversary quotes can be used for some of them.

The most important thing with homemade anniversary gifts is – do them well. After you have made the effort of making them – don’t let yourself down with sloppy presentation! Giving gifts in a careless manner is what gives homemade gifts a bad name – don’t turn your efforts into tackiness!

Have fun with you homemade anniversary gift creating!

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Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023