Having been married for twenty-five years is certainly something to celebrate! It’s your parents’ silver anniversary and to mark the date as something special and important, they want to renew their wedding vows. They want to recommit themselves to each other for yet another quarter of a century and what better way than to have a special Mass where they will renew their vows in front of family and friends who have been a part of their lives for so very long?



It all begins with a Mass, just like the day they were first married, and then once again moves on to the reception. This is an exciting day for you as well! You were not there for their wedding because you obviously weren’t even born yet. However, this is something you can not only celebrate with them, but you get to do all the planning. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Try to Set the Date on Their Anniversary

If at all possible, try to set the date on their actual anniversary. Perhaps the only thing that might interfere is if it fell on a Sunday or a holiday. Unfortunately, you might need to schedule the event on a weeknight, making it difficult for some working people to attend. With that said, the weekend closest to their anniversary would do just as well. They want to share this special day, so that is vitally important.

A Different Perspective on Gifts

The first time around your parents probably needed household items so shopping for them was relatively easy. After twenty-five years of marriage, they are probably well-supplied. If anyone asks what they should give, you might want to recommend that they choose holy items as wedding gifts for Catholics renewing their vows in the church. Their faith has sustained them through many years and that very same faith will guide them well into the future. From crosses to statues to sacred works of art, a gift from the heart spoken in a true spirit of faith will mean more than words can describe.

On Choosing a Venue for the Reception

Since you don’t want to ask your parents to help pay for their reception, and if you can’t afford a swanky venue, you probably have two options. You might be able to get your grandparents to pitch in, both sets, but maybe the parish hall would be a better choice. The reason is really twofold. Not only will it be less expensive, but it is also on hallowed church grounds. Their marriage has been blessed this many years and sustained through countless worries and hardships through faith. Sometimes it was on a wing and a prayer that they were able to meet obstacles along the way head-on.

By keeping everything close to the church that saw them through good times and bad, you will be giving them the most important blessing of all. They will be blessed by the priest in their renewal of vows and gifted an amazing celebration by a child they carried to adulthood in faith. These are the blessings they celebrate today.

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