To start with, Anniversary is a Latin word that originated from the word “anniversarius” which means turning yearly. The word anniversary was used for Christian feasts to honor the saints. This word has been a part of English language since the year 1230 and is a day known to celebrate and commemorate the past events which took place on the same day, date and year. Anniversary celebrations began in medieval times when people celebrated 25 and 50 years of marriage.

The most common form of anniversary celebrations includes those of birthdays and weddings. Both of these events are celebrated to strengthen the bond of love, trust and happiness. Basically, the custom of giving gifts on wedding anniversary started in Central Europe and is continuing even now. It was a practice seen in Germany, where the husband used to bestow a silver wreath upon his wife, after the completion of twenty five years of marriage. Subsequently, a gold wreath was gifted on the fiftieth anniversary. This custom has now been carried to the modern times where, both the husband and wife present each other with silver rings or ornaments on the 25th anniversary, and gold rings or ornaments on the 50th anniversary, respectively.

There are different gifts associated with every anniversary. For example, paper is associated with the first anniversary and cotton is associated with second anniversary. Leather and Linen are associated with the third and fourth anniversary, respectively. The 25th anniversary is known as silver, 30th as pearl, 40th as ruby and the 50th anniversary is known as the gold and so on. Special gifts are given on each anniversary to commemorate or remember the day, when “two souls” got united with a pledge to support and love each other, throughout their lives. Every year that passes by is a ladder step in which the couples come close together, narrowing down the misunderstandings to share all the ups and downs of their lives.

An anniversary would mean different things to different people. For some, it might be the ideal occasion to express their unconditional love and concern for their beloveds, whereas for the others, it may be a chance to say “Thank you” to their partner. Many people don’t express their feelings very often (because they are inexpressive or don’t have time), so this special occasion gives them an opportunity to open out their heart in front of their loved ones. Even if you put the words in a simple manner, your partner will be able to understand and realize your love for him/her. After all, words and feelings play a very important role when it comes to any relationship.

So, celebrate your anniversary in a special way and enjoy your wedded life to the utmost.

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