Moving in together can take your relationship to a whole new level. Talk things over so that you both have a realistic understanding of what to expect and be sure that this is what’s best for the relationship. Naturally, you both understand that you will share a space and there will be good and bad, negatives and positives. Many couples decide that this is the next logical step after being together for a while and may progress into marriage. So it is imperative that you take care and time to be sure your new living arrangements work. Consider some of the following things when deciding to move in with your boyfriend.

New Place, New Things, Fresh Start. Now that you two have made the big decision to live together, it may be time for a fresh start for both of you. This may mean the two of you should take time and pick out a new place together rather than moving in with one another. The reason that this can cause problems is because one may still feels a sense of ownership of the place, therefore picking a new place together will give you both the opportunity to share this new space and you both subsequently feel comfortable in your new home. What can be more fun than picking out a new home with your man?

Financial Plans. Take the time to make a financial plan with your boyfriend. You should make adjustments in the financial plans if one of you makes more money than the other. The two of you should discuss how you will be paying your bills and who will be responsible for paying the bills. It would also be wise for you to set up a budget so that you don’t overextend yourselves financially. Don’t forget to have a part in your financial plan that addresses savings, you might want to save for a wedding, a vacation, or a new house together.

Pick and Choose Your Battles. Now that you two will be spending more time together, you will notice things that you never noticed before and they will begin to bother you. Decide what is worth arguing about and what is not. Considering you live in the same home, you will not want to argue everyday, all day. If he leaves the toilet seat up, is it worth nagging him. Remember the compromising element of sharing a space with someone. Which issues are worth complaining about and which can be overlooked for the sake of decreasing conflict in your home? Every situation that you don’t like will not justify an argument or conflict between the two of you, so be wise about what you totally can not overlooked and what is tolerable for you.

Give Each Other Space. Although some aspect of moving in together meant that you would want to spend more time together, you will now want some time apart simply because you spend so much time together. As strange as it sounds, it is inevitable. Do separate activities in the home and outside the home. Let him watch his favorite football team play, while you read a book that you have interested in; a healthy break is necessary. Try to plan nights apart, you go out with your girlfriends and leave him to his guy pals. Balance your social lives together; it will help you to appreciate each other that much more when you are together.

Things are not going to be easy initially, but the two of you came to a mutual decision and cared enough for each other to compromise to take the relationship to this level. Keep your relationship healthy and minimize conflict by remembering to communicate with each other and talk through your issues and concerns.

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