Have you ever wondered how to get that man you’ve been dating to fall in love with you? Have you ever wondered how to connect with a man and communicate with him in such a way that the deepest possible connection is made? You already know how to get him to look at you, now you have to get him to open up further and make those unbreakable bonds. Quit wondering and read on to learn the 3 secrets of making him fall in love with you.

The Importance Is In the Present

Never mind about each other’s past, and certainly never mind about what the future could be. Live in the moment as it is now. Keep an open mind and hold no grudges, even if there was anger the last time you two were together. If you are relaxed and comfortable with one another, then that deeper connection can get its roots established firmly.

Study, Ask, Understand

You will want to ask certain questions so you can delve a bit deeper into his mind and eventually his heart and soul. Ask yourself and him about his interests and things that are important to him in his life. Ask how his day was, things like that. When you are focusing on questions like these, you are putting yourself in a position to understand your man better.

To do all this, you have to let yourself go in a manner of speaking. You have to make his needs and his feelings important to you, not so much that your whole life revolves around him, but basically get that selfish part of you out of the way. When you show that you want to understand him and that it’s important to you how he feels, you show your concern for him.

When you show your genuine concern in this way, he will open himself further because he will know your motives are good and your heart is true. If he knows that you get him, it will set him more at ease around you and show him that he can trust you completely.

Become Him

Of course I don’t mean this in a literal sense, but you know the old saying about not knowing someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. This is not easy to do but it is effective if you can manage to pull it off. The hardest situation in which to do this is when you’re having a fight. You have to think first, speak second.

If you can place yourself in his mind, how he may be seeing the situation, what his feelings are, etc., then you may be able to look at situations with his vision and thereby understand him even more. You will always be at an advantage if you can see both sides of a situation and understand the feelings that are there.

Doing these three things will take you far not only in your understanding of your man, but in your original goal, to make him fall head over heels in love with you. If you’d like to find out more about connecting more deeply with your man, I’ll be more than happy to help you.

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