• Before sitting down at the computer to create your dating profile, take some time to think about yourself. Who are you? What do you like? What do you want? Make a list of words that describe yourself and then answer those questions. If you’re having difficulty with this, then look at recent activities in your life. Your hobbies, the movies you’ve enjoyed, the television shows you’ve watched, the places you’ve visited, volunteer work you’ve done, and books you’ve read will all give information about yourself. When you have your list, you can go back to the computer and start writing. Take the words from the list that best describe you and what you’re looking for and expand on them for your profile.


    • You can do the same when writing about what you’re looking for in the people you hope to meet. Make a list of the traits you’d like the people to have. Think about the traits of your current friends. What do you like best about them? When you have your list of traits, pick the most important and incorporate them into a paragraph. Say what you’re looking for, but tactfully, please. People will be drawn to you if you know what you want and aren’t afraid to ask for it. This also helps filter out those who might be less suitable


    • Use a positive, upbeat tone in your writing.


    • Concentrate on the things in which you’re interested. Mention sports and hobbies but don’t dwell on them. Mention the movies you like or talk about what you’re reading. Food is another good topic. This gives the reader an idea of what you like to do and can help in planning a meeting.


    • Try to be as descriptive as possible. Don’t just say that you’re adventurous and funny. Describe exactly what makes you adventurous and funny.


    • Treat your dating profile as if you’re meeting someone in person for the first time. You wouldn’t drag out all your baggage then, so don’t do it now. This isn’t the place to rant about your ex, to complain about your job, or whine about anything. Keep the negative energy at bay.


    • The most important thing to remember when creating your dating profile is to be honest and sincere. Don’t exaggerate and, for heaven’s sake, do not lie. Present yourself as you really are and not who you think someone else wants you to be.


    • This may be obvious, but it needs to be said: Do not provide personal information, such as your address or telephone number in your dating profile! Ever. For any reason.


  • Remember, also, to frequently update your dating profile. This doesn’t mean a complete rewrite every week, but you can update certain information to reflect what is happening in your life.

Above all else, have fun writing your profile. When you do, other’s will have fun reading it.

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