Next to wedding, being engaged is a very important decision that one individual could make. Once you decided to be engaged with someone it’s somehow very difficult to escape especially if it was publicized or announced already. This is the start of your preparation for your most awaited wedding, so it’s a must that you are really sure of this decision. There will be turning backs and back-outs. Let us say that this will be a new chapter in your life where you are not as free as you are yesterday.

In getting engaged there are a lot of things that you have to consider. You must think about these considerations for a lot of times, you don’t have to end up crying or hating yourself right? And in making a decision of engaging to someone is not just your own preference, remember that the first thing you must consider is that you must have the same thoughts with your husband or wife to be. You must settle with ideas that both of you agreed with, not only you and not only him. With that you could avoid complications or confusions in the future.

One of the most important things that you must think over is your freedom. Are you ready to take the consequences that once you get engaged, you will no longer have time for another love or flings? Or let’s say that you must not do it while you’re inside an engaged relationship. Make some time of talking to yourself; make sure that you will think over all the consequences before pursuing it. It you could go on a travel alone or with your best friend then it will be better for it will give you more time to ponder on all the questions that you have to face through.

Being ready with an engagement is like being ready for a wedding too, and it could not just be a simple sentence like “I’m ready”. This readiness of yours is not only about the feelings you have for each other but being ready in all aspects. You must be ready emotionally, spiritually and of course financially. Yes, financial readiness is one thing that you should talk about before settling for an engagement, it might sound not important but believe me, it really does. Engagement is like a first step of building your own family and building a family requires that both of you are financially stable. There will be a lot of problems that will arise in your way such as budget for the wedding, your funds as a couple, your family and etc. And if you are both ready with these, then you can avoid misunderstandings and fights and go on with your life together.

Engagement is a real-life situation that requires you to not only think once but a million times. You need to consider a lot of factors not only for yourself but for the future plans that both of you will have. But despite of these factors, both of you must not forget that the real reason why you will go for that engagement is for that great love you have for each other and that you want to spend the rest of your life together.

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Thursday, Mar 23, 2023