Once upon a time when the institute of marriage had a much bigger influence over people’s lives, engagements were very formal, a first occasion to propose a life long relationship to another person. When living together without the holly sacrament wasn’t a decent option, and nor was a quick divorce if things didn’t work out as they planned, an engagement was a huge step for a couple, or often, just for two people who were chosen to live together by their families. Even nowadays, when meeting the right person is getting harder and harder, some cultures prefer to introduce young people who want to get married and start a family and seem to share some common interests that would be enough for them to like each other.

In these cases an engagement party is almost as important a celebration as the wedding itself, but usually much smaller, and only the close friends and relatives get to be invited. In case of solemnity, this day can pretty easily compare with the wedding, so it isn’t unusual to send out written invitations. The engagement invitation wordings have a certain protocol to follow, which is nice to keep. There are compulsory things which have to appear on the invitation card: the names of the bride and groom to be, the names of their parents or guardians if they choose to get them involved as well. It can start like this: “Mr. and Mrs. Jones together with Mr. and Mrs. Taylor kindly invite you to the engagement ceremony of their son Jack and daughter Lilly”. After this it should definitely come the address of the venue, which can be one of the parents’ own house, a fancy restaurant or an open space terrace, park or garden which can be booked in advance and offers catering. It should also appear on the invitation: the date and time of the event, which can be a dinner or a Saturday, Sunday lunch, whichever the family and the new couple prefer.

The optional part is about the text of the invitation, which can consist after the previous, by a small poetic fragment referring to the atmosphere of the ceremony.The engagement invitation’s not mandatory part can consist of a quotation about love and happiness, the couple’s favorite author on marriage or engagement, a romantic poem which adds to the solemnity of the event. The design can also be very variate, there are customary figures which can appear on an engagement card: hearts, doves, flowers, different shapes and forms. Its color can also vary depending on the taste and budget of the bride and groom to be. But remember, no matter how perfect the engagement invitation card is, or is not, it’s only a part of the event, and not even the most important one.

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Thursday, Mar 23, 2023