The day you propose is a special one. Of course, Naturally, that momentous occasion is somewhere in the future, until you go out and buy the ring. But not all men can afford to buy the largest diamond for sale. Today we’ll explore how you’re able to find an affordable engagement ring.

The first thing to know is that jewelry stores make a big profit of money every day! Just notice all the jewelers that are in each mall and around your homwtown. If you consider of the jewelry displays in your area, and the pieces individual prices, you’ll figure out that the jewelry stores are doing just fine. Chances are there are a lot of them, yet you don’t ever see even one of them have an out-of-business-sale. There’s a reason for this – they make large sums of money!

What that means is you have room to drive down the price. Don’t forget that the mark-up on jewelry is sizable. So don’t be shy the final’ price sticker is rarely truly final.

It’s also smart to know what you’re doing. Diamond pricing is an involved science’. So do some research. Amaze your promised bride by getting the best quality diamond you can swing!

Diamonds are priced according to the following 4 aspects: cut, color, clarity and carats.

It’s possible to find a great bargain once you find a balance among the above mentioned facets. It isn’t simply OK just to offer her a huge stone, it has to blind her, too.

On the other hand, you also don’t want to get the absolutely highest grades because she won’t necessarily notice if you went down a grade or two.

You can save an enormous sum of money by picking the right combination of grades that save you the most, while not sacrificing how the rock shines.

You’ll choose the highest quality diamond for her. And she’ll be impressed. It’s a winning arrangement.

Getting her an affordable engagement ring isn’t too hard when you know what to figure into your selection.

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Thursday, Mar 23, 2023