What makes it hard to choose the perfect ring? It is definitely not because it is hard to locate one. Use the Internet search engine and an overwhelming myriad of engagement rings to choose from will be displayed before you. But the more choices you have the more confusing it could be to pick out just one. How will someone find a ring that will stand out among hundreds of equally magnificent rings of different stones, metal, and setting? Being a gem specialist, however, is not necessary. What is important is what the couple – actually more on what she – would appreciate and love to look at, even after many years. So the thing to consider is her style. If she’s more of a traditional type, cushion cut engagement rings express a more romantic traditional statement.

What is a cushion shaped stone?

Cushion cut is a unique gemstone cut wherein the outline of the stone is rectangular in shape with rounded corners. This is considered unique because of the angular shape unlike the traditional round cut. The name of this cut is from cushion pillows, so sometimes it is also called pillow cut, because of its look – square with rounded end and a “puffy” appearance.

The cushion shaped diamond may not be as brilliant as a princess cut diamond. Cushion cut engagement rings has about 60 facets, 20 less than what modern rings have, and the lesser the facet the lesser is the sparkle. Another reason is because this cut is designed to sparkle in candlelight, hence it is also called “candle light cut”; remember that this design dates back to 1870s when candle light setting is probably more prominent than nowadays. Modern diamond cutting technology, however, made it possible for this cut to be modified to the kind of lighting we have today. So for a vintage or antique engagement ring, this cut is a good pick considering that it can be captivatingly brilliant these days. Cushion cut is also rare, making it perfect for those wanting a unique, exotic look.

How to buy a cushion cut engagement ring?

Before you buy a cushion cut diamond ring, do a research over the internet and even in local stores, you will find a large selection of cushion cut engagement rings to choose from. Have basic knowledge on assessing the quality of diamonds. Diamonds are classified according to the 4Cs: carat, color, clarity, and cut. Clarity refers to the absence of diamond’s blemishes or inclusions. Diamonds when mined have these inclusions and blemishes just like people have birthmarks. It is rare to have diamonds with a few of these “birthmarks” or entirely not having these and rarity is what make the stone more valuable. Diamond’s color is white or colorless with some tint of yellow or brown. Except for fancy diamonds, the more the diamond becomes close to being colorless or the less signs of shades of other color the higher is the value of the diamond. Cut, which refers to the finish, symmetry, and polish of the diamond, plays a role in a diamond’s brilliance. The price per carat increases as the carat size increases.

Because the cushion cut diamond got large facets it emphasizes the clarity of the stone, so if you want to go for perfect looking cushion cut engagement ring, make sure to look at the plot of your diamond clarity and make sure the inclusion is less visible.

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