When you get the partner you have been searching for and it is time to propose to her, it is usually a hard task finding the best designer engagement rings unless you have the fundamental tips on how to go about it. It is usually important to go for something that will make her happy and she will be proud to show her girlfriends how beautiful it is.

In this regard, the first thing that you should have in mind is the size of her finger. This is very essential since you do not want to get a designer engagement ring that is either too small or too big that will require you to have it resized. When going for a designer engagement ring, it is a vital thing to give the correct measurements to the designer so that they do not make something that is not favorable.

The other thing to look for is the reputation of the designer that you are going for. This can be done by getting a few facts from those who have had their work done by the designer. In the same regard, ensure that they are reliable enough and that they will not disappoint you in the last minute and yet you have everything set out for the special day when you were going to propose. This would be so embarrassing that you have everything planned but you do not have the ring to give out. It is therefore important to do research on the designer before settling for them.

Since designer engagement rings tend to be a bit expensive, it is important to ensure that everything that you have given out is according to your suit. These basically include the material to be used, the weight of the carats if its diamond, the size, and so on and so forth.

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