Designer engagement rings are in a class of their own because they are specifically crafted for a couple anticipating marriage in the future. They are unique in the sense that they are made to showcase a special character of the wearer and for this, they can be referred to as elite. Unlike the standard kinds, these are tailored under the supervision of a designate smith while following specific orders of the client. This shows that there are certain hallmark features that define these precious pieces.

One of the definitive features of designer engagement rings is that they are a departure from the common materials used in the standard kinds. One can order for a piece made wholly of diamond. They cam also choose a pure golden piece that can be molded into their likings. This is despite the fact that the more pure a metal is, the higher its cost becomes. However, in spite of the cost, they are highly reliable to add sophistication and class to the wearer besides the having the guarantee of durability.

The other aspect that defines designer engagement rings comes in form of the cutting method. A couple can prefer an elaborate design like that of antique pieces or a more linear style found in contemporary jewelry. They can also order the engraving of their facial features or names on it so that they can be more personalized. There are also others that are made extra large for the virtual purpose of wearing only when on a romantic excursion or going outdoors. They are catchy and inviting because they stand out from the finger.

Finally, engagement rings are also defined by the manufacturer. The branding criterion is highly critical in announcing the sophistication and fashion tastes of the wearer. Whichever the criteria of selection, the custom made pieces can show the taste and uniqueness of the person they adorn.

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