The first dance is an important part of your wedding, regardless of whether you’re naturally gifted on the dance floor. You may have been attempting to come up with a song, but you don’t “have a song.” One of you may be a huge fan of music that the other isn’t.

Then there’s the actual dancing component to consider. Many couples are apprehensive of dancing in front of others because they feel embarrassed by their lack of skill. That being said, no one expects you to be a professional dancer. Just because they want you to seem happy don’t mean they’re happy for you.

Here are three phenomenal tips by Wedding Bands Glasgow to pick your first dance song:

  • No need to choose something out of the world:

No need to fret if you don’t have a specific song! You may still choose a meaningful first dance. Consider significant occasions in your relationship, such as long-distance dating or an atypical start. Then conduct some study to find lyrics that explain your love storey. Something that resonates with both of you may find its way into your wedding.

  • Melody sets the mood:

Choose a piece of music with a slow speed unless you want to execute a rapid dance that isn’t customary. Then, go for it! With that being said, some rhythms work better than others when it comes to slow dancing. You may also ask your band or DJ to alter the tempo of a particular song to make it more suitable for slow dancing in advance.

  • Discuss it with your wedding band:

Sometimes you dint want to modify a song. If you don’t want to modify a song’s rhythm, you should discuss it with the band or DJ so they can correctly perform it. Hire a professional wedding band, or maybe your band will learn a new song for your wedding. Just make sure both parties are satisfied. After all, the first dance tune is yours for life!

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