So you are in a long distance relationship and all your friends think it is a terrible idea, and are spelling doom for you and your partner?

Well it is true that most long distance relationships will fail; within the first 6 months and those that survive do not hit the first anniversary! Terrible I know, but you, do not have to be among these statistics! When a spouse is far away and we are constantly thinking about them, the mind tends to over think and we find ourselves thinking “Is he cheating on me?” or “what is she doing or whom is she with?” When this happens we develop mistrust and well, the relationship inevitably goes down and you become another statistic of a failed relationship. But if you use these guidelines together with your partner, your relationship will be on course and who knows lead the way down the aisle!

1) Readiness and willingness to commit

Are you committed to your relationship? And what about your partner? If both of you answer in the affirmative, then it means that neither of you can wander around looking for other partners whether you are together or apart! So get to know where your partner stands, rather than wait on someone who in the end had no intentions, of pursuing the relationship any further.

2) Good communication channels

By establishing good communication skills and channels it means that you and your partner will communicate honestly and openly regardless of distance. This is very crucial because though the sex life is just as important, without communication it can wane just as fast and generally lead to dissatisfaction in the relationship. So, with good communication unaffected by the physical aspect of the companionship any relationship can withstand the distance and time apart because of continued communication of desires and feelings.

3) Do things together

Just because you are apart does not mean you can’t do things as a couple! Watch a programme together and discuss it over the phone, play an online game with your partner and create the feeling that you are not so far apart! You could also go out with friends and share notes with your partner on what you liked and what you did not.

4) Have something to wait on

I mean have an activity to look forward to; a trip to a resort or a country together or even a safari to some exotic location! When both of you are looking forward to doing something together after being apart for so long, the meeting when you finally get together will be all the sweeter and worth the wait.

5) Create rules

Together with your partner, create rules to govern your relationship. What I mean is, are you allowed to date or get intimate with other people? What sort of decisions should you consult one another? Generally cover as much ground as possible so that you may not have an argument or disagreement later on.

If both of you are in love and committed to each other totally, then no amount of distance or time apart will change that, no matter what anyone says. However you can use these few guidelines to ensure the romance is still up and burning, and remember to have fun with the distance and time apart, as you wait for that next meeting with your partner!

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