Are you worrying about your relationship when you are apart from your partner? Keeping a long distance relationship is not an easy task, unless you have commitment and strong love to each other. If you want to keep your long distance relationship safe and strong, you can apply these tips:

1. Commitment to trust

Before parting with your partner, you need to have an agreement to trust each other during the long distance period. This agreement will serve as prevention from jealousy and prejudice toward each other. Then, you must be committed to your agreement and let your partner live peacefully in that place, without your worries and possessiveness. When you trust your partner, your partner will trust you.

2. Schedule the time to meet each other

Every week or every two weeks, you should meet your partner to ask about her condition and how well she goes in that place. Always schedule a regular time to visit your partner or let your partner to visit you. With this regular schedule, you can really keep in touch with your partner. Arrange a regular time to be with your partner physically. If you can give her a surprise every time you meet her, it will be a plus for you.

3. Communicate twice a week

Believe it or not, it is better to keep your communication with your partner in moderate pace. Don’t call her all the time. Don’t send email to her every day or twice a day. It will be satisfying for both of you within the first week of your parting, but not for long. It will be an annoying experience for both of you if you communicate with her too frequently. Keep a steady pace of communication with your partner, but let her finish her business there.

4. Keep a symbol of your partner with you

What is the most touching part of your partner when you are with her? Her perfume might be your symbol, or her face, or anything. If you can relate to your partner through her perfume, keep the same perfume with you so that you can feel her presence. You might also want to keep her picture, or play your favorite song. When she is gone and not physically present, you can keep her in your heart by keeping a symbol of your partner with you.

5. Love her and keep her

Always love her in whatever she does in that place. Keep her in your heart, in your memory. Always acknowledge her presence even though she is not with you today. If you keep your love strong for her, she won’t go away. The relationship will stay strong and safe. But, if you start to neglect her, stop thinking about her, and not keeping her in your heart, your relationship will soon wither and evaporate.

Keeping a long distance relationship safe is a matter of commitment for both of you. If you are committed to keep the relationship and maintain your trust, you will keep the relationship strong and safe.

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