So many long distance relationship tips can be found online and in print, and offered by concerned family and friends. If you are in one, chances are you’ve read and heard your fair share of advice on how to keep an LDR strong and lasting. Admittedly, being in a loving yet physically distant relationship with someone poses a unique set of problems, yet there are both practical and creative ways to address them. Consider these top three tips for people in LDRs.

1. Lay your cards on the table.

Long distance relationships occur more frequently than you think, so let the fact that even our grandparents had LDRs during the war reassure you that, indeed, there are ways for them to work out. One of the most basic yet practical long distance relationship tips is never to play it by ear. This means seriously talking about your expectations in your union, and how you plan to deal with being physically apart for a certain period.

Take the most important factors into consideration: frequency and means of communication, how to celebrate particularly important relationship milestones and occasions (such as anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas); and what your end goal is as far as the LDR is concerned. As well, it is good to set the parameters of your relationship status from the get-go: are you casually dating and open to seeing other people? Is it exclusive? Are you considered engaged and plan to marry as soon as you are physically together? Threshing things out so everything is clear may not sound very romantic, but it sets the grounds for how people in a LDR should conduct themselves, and make them realize what they want and expect from the relationship in the long run.

2. Shorten the distance virtually and creatively.

Be creative during the time you are physically apart. Yes, it requires more effort and perhaps a slightly bigger budget (for package deliveries, long distance calls, and air mail) compared to couples who live in the same area code or time zone, but to liven up a LDR, you must exhaust all means to make your partner feel that they are loved and thought about often.

The great thing about long distance relationship tips such as this one is that a LDR allows for extra mushiness between partners. So if you are a fan of music compilations, scrapbooks, fluffy stuffed animals, flowers, candy, and all the trimmings that can make your significant other wiggle with anticipation at the arrival of an air mail or package delivery, do it. Spend ample amounts of time chatting, talking on the phone, and looking at each other via web cam so always feel in sync with each other. Do not allow different time zones and geographical distance to make your relationship go stale and boring.

3. Work on having a strong and positive foundation for your relationship.

Instead of wallowing in doubt, jealousy, insecurity, and trying to control the relationship to work in your favour, focus on how to make it strong. Avoid poisoning your relationship with negative emotions, such as nagging your partner about their whereabouts all the time, or entertaining what-if scenarios every time doubt sets in. Any relationship, whether it’s a LDR or not, have to be built on mutual respect, trust, and leaving room for each other to grow. It could prove to be difficult, but here’s one of the best long distance relationship tips to consider in this case: always keeping in mind that you are individuals with a common goal of being together in the future can greatly help in giving each other time and space to reach both your fullest potentials, When you do this, you help pave the way to having an enriching union once you’re finally, truly together.

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