We all know that for a relationship to work, there has to be a really solid foundation that the couples should build around. Two important things that should be present and that should be greatly treasured in a relationship are trust and honesty.

Trust and honesty are two essentials that should always be present in a relationship, with or without the intent of making the relationship last longer than it should. Without these two core values, what you can expect out of the said relationship is a massive mess of chaos and hurt.

Let us take these two essential ingredients of a relationship one at a time. Let’s talk about trust first. When we say trust, it means that we have confidence or faith in a person. When we apply this trust in a relationship, we will have expectations. Whether it be gifts and sweet nothings, we expect them to be exclusively loyal to us.

Having to trust another may sometimes be difficult for skeptical people like me, but when we finally give our trust to someone, that someone could truly say he or she earned it. Now earning a person’s trust, especially in long distance relationships, may not be as easy as we thought it was. Try protecting a person’s trust in you, that is more difficult than the latter. Once a person’s trust in another fades, it is a bit difficult to get them to trust you once again because they are going to have the impression that you cannot be trusted. So when in a long distance relationship, always take good care of your partner’s trust in you. Don’t make them doubt you.

As for honesty, some people think that the saying “What a person doesn’t know won’t kill them” holds true to all people, when in fact it doesn’t. Holding back some details of information from them is not honesty. When we talk about being honest to another person, it includes having to tell them everything. We don’t have to be selective about the things we tell them. Omitting something on purpose is already considered as lying.

However, when we talk about honesty, we do not need to tell them everything that we did. Take for example, we do not have to tell our partner every move that we make or what we ate for that day. When we want to be honest to our significant others, we have to tell them everything that is significant to our relationship, and not every little details of our lives.

It may seem like a power struggle when we are in a relationship but all this hard work feels so good when we know that we do such things for the good of the relationship. Also, it all feels perfect when we know that it is worth it.

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