Vincent and I began our relationship as playmates in a game-site. Every day or sometimes even at night, we go online and play to this game-site. Vincent is a funny guy. I like his mind so that I got along so well with him.

As far as our long distance relationship is concerned, this is what we do when we feel lonely. We go to this game-site and play regularly in our most convenient time. In this way we avoid feeling lonely from missing each other. We keep our long distance relationship always in fire, juicy and exciting by writing and calling each other too.

We make sure that we would not feel lonely by cheering each other up with our love letters. We promised not to tell ourselves, “I am alone”. Instead, “I am just temporarily by myself at the moment. These words help our beings boost up everyday even we live in a distance.

Every morning, I would read Vincent’s mail and I would always reply him back at once.

You bet, I would always be amused whenever he would mention one of our affairs in the game-site.

He would write me something like this, “I was dazzled by your elegance. I made a lot of men envious of me in the club. I was really impressed by your performance. You danced like a fluid substance. You were graceful, flexible and the best dancer among all women in the club. You were very exceptional! Without you, dancing would never be the same. I felt so happy and proud to be your escort last night.”

It would then flash back to me all our activities in the game-site afterwards and I would just hear myself giggle.

Our long distance relationship is more fun and enjoyable when we are connected to play in our game-world. It makes our relationship stronger every day.

We don’t feel lonely with our long distance affair because Vincent and I share two lives. In the game-site, both of us have perfect bodies. We are gorgeous and physically fit. We could travel around the world. We could fly anywhere at any time. We could have all the luxury we needed and wanted in this game-site that we could not have in our real world. We could touch and wrestle with each other or even make love too.

In our real life, we are just an ordinary people. Vincent is a very good-looking guy, but whenever he felt nervous, he stammers. He may be very shy with girls, but he has a good sense of humor. He makes you laugh out loud in tears. No wonder I adore him so much.

Having our lives spent in the game-site help us a lot in our everyday living. We learned to appreciate more of ourselves and the people whom we meet every day around the world.

Aside from being funny together, we also have our own flaws. But those imperfections did not stop us to live our lives with a sense of dignity. We both wanted to center our lives on universal principle. We are also honest people so that Vincent and I decided to tell each other who truly we are in real life.

Today, we are busy building our new home. Either in our real life or in the game-site, the fact that we are both happy in our own universe is the most important thing to know.

We found real happiness with each other. We are wild about each other in every detail…

Yes, we are now in the computer age, but another true universal factor that brought Vincent and I together, which I strongly believe was, LOVE.

Whenever we feel lonely, Vincent and I would just think of the word TRUE LOVE that we found for each other. Near or far…We would always find ways to be happy…

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Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023