Okay so, if you are in an orbiting space colony it might hard to “fall” in zero gravity, but falling in love may be possible. Also an entire romantic relationship might also be possible using various computational-robotic-tactile-strategies.

In fact, there was an interesting talk on TED recently, where some very smart post-grad students had created a “Tactile Communication Device” which will allow the participants on either end to French Kiss online, that’s right “over the Internet” the speaker told the audience. And now many bloggers are asking, what will they think of next?

Indeed, that is an interesting question isn’t it, and just let your imagination do the talking, feeling, caressing, and love-making and well, I guess you can figure it all out without any more words on that topic from me. Nevertheless let me give you a hypothetical or scenario here;

1. You strip down and walk into a scanning machine which takes all the exact measurements of your body.

2. Next, you save the file, and send it to your online dating partner on Earth, or in another colony

3. They print it out the outer design with a 3D printer in a flexible material – skin-like material (very real feel).

4. They then stretch the outer over a robotic android manikin, with all the sensors underneath.

5. The other person would do the same.

6. A 3D image of facial expressions, muscle shading would be mimicked upon the manikin.

7. Then hook the system up for online love-marking.

The two individuals would embrace and wait for the time delays. In the event of someone on a Martian Colony and someone on Earth the time delay is significant and although it will vary depending on the distance, with complete interruptions due to the Sun between the planets occasionally, but let’s say the time delay is 13 minutes each way, meaning each person would have to wait for a response would be 26 minutes.

Thus, things would have to be done in parts, and eventually the two individuals will have completed a full-session which could be saved and then enjoyed in real time. Or, they could simply press “repeat” of a certain action or use a chosen voice command from the speech recognition system. Perhaps; “Don’t Stop! for instance.

Is this the future of long-distance relationships for space colonists, space explorers, or perhaps folks on Earth on different parts of the planet? It is now technologically feasible and all of these technologies currently exist. The first renditions and prototypes may be crude, and unfulfilling, but eventually it is possible for a long-distance relationship of this type to be “almost” like the real thing. If you have any comments, concepts, or research on such things, please send me an email. Meanwhile think on it.

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