In recent times there has been a surge in the number of couples who are involved in long distance relationships. These relationships may stem from career and education needs or online dating. Just ask anyone who is in a long distance relationship (LDR), and the first thing they usually say is “LDRs suck!” followed by a sigh. True enough; LDRs are just not as easy as conventional relationships for more reasons than one.

However, being in a long distance relationship myself, I came to realize there are some upsides to being involved in a LDR. Sure, most times it may seem like the downsides outnumber the upsides by a million, but when you look deeper, you’ll realize long distance relationships have some advantages, like the ones I’m going to tell you about.

Firstly, LDRs are a test of true commitment. You will find yourself falling deeper in love every day just knowing that your other half waits it out for weeks, months or sometimes even years to spend time in person with you. You might even be surprised at how committed you are yourself in the face of temptation from other members of the opposite sex around you.

Not only that, in a LDR, you have deep, meaningful conversations that will matter in the long run. There is only so much crap you can talk about that isn’t serious, and in the course of time you will find yourself asking questions to your partner that you may not have thought of asking if you were actually face to face in person. When you get the physical element of a relationship out of the way, you will find more time to explore the history, dreams and personality of the person you love. This way, you can create an open communication system and find out if both of you are really compatible.

Besides that, both parties have more time for themselves. When you are in a LDR, you realize that you actually don’t have the pressure many people face in conventional relationships, which is to split your time for your hobbies, friends and your partner. You get to do things on your own and keep the life you had before you were in the relationship, minus the feeling of loneliness and pain you may have felt being single. Yes, you will oftentimes miss having the other person with you; however, you’ll be thanking god for your LDR when your best friend has to convince their partner to give them two or three days off for a camping trip, when you won’t need to do so! After all, if you are in a LDR your partner will definitely want you to have fun and not sit around at home moping about missing them.

Long distance relationships aren’t all that bad; they actually provide a solid foundation for a healthy, happy relationship. No other type of relationship is quite as challenging yet as helpful as a LDR when it comes to strengthening bonds. The next time you need a lift from the stress caused by a LDR, think about the advantages above.

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