Relationships are two way streets, give and take, and a true partnership. They’re all about love, and trust, and laughter, and time together. With all of life’s busy-ness, stress, work, kids, and other distractions, it’s easy to lose focus on your relationship and putting it first. Here are 5 simple things you can do to make your partner happy.

– Organize doing your partner’s favorite activity, even if it’s not something you personally want or like to do. If he loves football, set up a flag/touch game. If she loves gardening, take her to a flower show. If he likes to golf, rent a cart and take him out for 18 holes, doing your best to keep up. If she enjoys reading, take her to a book signing to meet her favorite author. By showing interest in something your significant other loves, they’re likely to return the favor.

– Set up a date night and watch romantic movies together. Pick some classic, old black and whites or great romantic comedies. Stretch out on the couch or bed and make your house into a movie theatre with fresh popcorn, candy, and plenty of snuggling. Do this when they least expect it…and for no reason at all.

– Pamper your spouse, partner, or significant other with a special treat like a homemade dinner in the middle of the week, an hour-long massage (with lotion, oil, and relaxing music), breakfast in bed, having the kids take care of chores they wouldn’t normally do, or simply by letting him/her sleep in. A little extra attention goes a long way and the indulgence will win you big points.

– Never take them for granted. This may seem pretty obvious, but with all of life’s road blocks and obstacles, couple can lose track of what they do for each other. Thank him/her for the simple things. Garbage doesn’t take itself out. Dishes don’t wash themselves. Groceries don’t magically appear and clothes have to be cleaned and folded. Thank you partner for everything they do…even the small things. Always let them know how important they are.

– And the best thing of all. The one that should be the most obvious. It’s a simple thing…and a real no-brainer. Start and end every day with three simple words. “I love you.” These words cost nothing, yet mean everything. They should be said without hesitation or trepidation. You lose nothing by saying it, yet gain everything. Say it randomly, when least expected, and it will make your partner’s day.

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