Most people have this notion in their head that they only have one soul mate in this world and when they find that soul mate of theirs they will instantly fall in love. People think that falling in love is something that just happens and no one can control it. However this is totally wrong. First of all there is no such thing as one single soul mate. Secondly it’s not true that falling in love in not uncontrollable. You can very well make just anybody love you and you yourself can fall in love with any person the same way. Therefore if you just had a really bad divorce, don’t get so blue, there are many other people out there that you can love and feel the same way you did with your first love ever.

It’s the psyche of the human brain that experts use to explain the notion of love and how people attract and ending up falling in love with each other. It’s the study of this that empowers man to learn the psyche of the brain to utilize it to its benefit. With this human brain psyche you can literally make any person in this world love you. A research was conducted in which it was found out that those people who truly loved each other had the habit on gazing into each other’s eyes for longer periods of time. And whenever they got interrupted by someone or something, it would take them some time to take their eyes off each other. Though you might think that this only happens in movies and romance novels that’s not the case. This is very much true.

The power of the gaze is really important. When you love someone make sure you let them know. The best way to convey your feelings is to give them that love filled gaze. Try capturing their gaze back for longer. When you start practicing this each time the two of you meet, soon the other person will realize that you love them. And after that it won’t take them long to realize that they too love you back. The gaze is the most powerful tool you have. After that comes the smile. Always accompany your gaze with a light loving smile that will go strike them straight in their heart. Boom, they will fall in love with you too.

There are more techniques for wining over the love of your life. Knowing what they are is only part of the journey, making the effort to incorporate them into your life is the next and most important part of it all.

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Wednesday, Mar 22, 2023