If you take a look at nature, society, religion and business you will see that there is always a natural leader. The lion king rules its pride, the dominant elephant leads the herd, birds migrate in formation following the strongest leader, taking turns – as one tires another strong leader takes over – the dominant ape reigns over its territory and even the chooks in the hen house are told what to do by the cocky old rooster. Roosters rule the roost! Cats, dogs and many other animals mark their territory. Anywhere you look in nature there is a born leader. Animals are genetically programmed to follow their instincts and do what is natural for them. We should take note of this to learn something about saving our marriage.

Let’s look at society. Every country has a leader – kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers – even though some do not reach leadership greatness. If society does not have effective leadership it may not survive and could possibly end in a dictatorship or anarchy. We have seen what happens to people in countries where leadership is dogmatic and immoral. Strong but fair leadership is the key to a nation’s vitality, health and wealth and it is the key to your marriage’s vitality health and wealth as well.

Religious groups have leaders. Traditionally these leaders have been men – Mohammed, Buddha and Jesus Christ. Great religions need great charismatic leaders just like any successful marriage needs a great charismatic leader.

And business – all successful businesses have great dynamic leaders to plan and give direction, to lead the way to expansion and to profit. Without effective planning, goal setting and action from a successful leader the business will struggle to move ahead and be profitable. To be successful a marriage needs effective planning, goal setting and action just like in a business.

As a rule most of the world’s leaders have been men, although more women are making inroads into many of these roles now. Modern day society believes that women should have equality, and yes they should. But do they? Women leaders are still in the minority. Why is this?

To answer this question let’s look at our genetics. Genetically and biologically our programming dates back to the caveman era. Sexuality is still ruled by our Stone Age genes, just like the animals. A male’s sex drive and hunting skills had to be tough enough to make certain that mankind survived. In terms of reproduction males are sperm donors and providers, and females are the breeders and nurturers. The caveman was the leader and protector of his clan, just like you need to be.

So what can nature, society and business tell us about saving our marriage? It tells us that for any marriage to be successful the marriage needs a leader. It must have a leader like you who knows what his responsibilities are and who is willing to put into practice things like fairness, foresight, frankness, truthfulness, communication, listening, responding and steering. For being an effective leader requires this sort of commitment; and if commitment is put into place the results will speak for themselves. To save your marriage you need to be that effective charismatic leader.

You need to re-boot your brain to put yourself back into the caveman hunter mode so that you are a more charismatic and stronger leader than you have ever been before. At a biological level, leadership is the key to your wife’s sex drive because if she senses she is in the presence of a loving, fun, charismatic leader, she will do anything to make you happy. And that will lead to a long successful marriage full of joy, passion and great sex. Remember male animals fight for the right to mate with the females of the group. The strongest male wins and spreads his genes making the pack stronger than ever. Weaker males are often excluded from the pack completely.

So men wake up the “sleeping lion king” inside of you, be the leader of the pack, the dynamic, exciting leader your wife fell in love with in the first place! When that eventuates, your wife’s sex drive senses the presence of a capable leader, and her attraction for you will be so magnetic! All you have to do is unlock the qualities inside of you that make you an amazing, compelling, dynamic leader. And then let nature take care of the rest! You will be one step closer to saving your marriage.

So in a word YES. Yes, when you look into it nature, society and business can tell us a lot about saving our marriage. To sum it up though the most essential thing is LEADERSHIP. It is important for men to be the leader in their marriage in order to save it.

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