Couples have fights all the time. You argue, disagree, and annoy each other. When you fight, it’s never a pleasant scenario and one of you suffers more than the other. Holding on to a grudge or sticking with your ego can be detrimental to your relationship. Often, relationships turn sour when petty arguments lead to big fights. The sooner you fix the problem, the better, so you can enjoy a loving relationship more, rather than a hostile one.

Sometimes, one or both parties are at fault. Be the better person and be the one to apologize first. However, for a lot of people, saying the words “I’m Sorry” can be difficult. So for those of you who want to apologize without having to actually say you’re sorry, here are five unique ways to apologize that will surely make your partner forgive you in no time.

1) Write the words “I’m Sorry” on a bright yellow post it and stick it everywhere – on the refrigerator door, on the screen of your partner’s laptop, on his/her car door, inside their bag, on a notebook-absolutely anywhere and everywhere where your partner can see it. It’s funny and it shows that you want to be forgiven as soon as possible.

2) Ask a four year old kid-be it your own child or a nephew, or a neighbor, to bring your partner a huge cardboard, saying how sorry you are. No one can resist the charms of a little angel. It’s sweet and funny, at the same time.

3) Do the household chores. When you get back from work, clean the house, wash the dishes, mop the floor and wash the laundry. You’re telling your partner that you’re making sacrifices just so he/she can forgive you.

4) Buy or bake a cake with the words “I’m Sorry” as frosting and have it delivered to your partner’s workplace. His/her coworkers will surely notice the gesture and this show of love will make his/her feel how important they are. It shows that you’re not embarrassed to show your affection.

5) Leave work early and set up an indoor picnic at home. When your partner opens the door, he/she will be surprised, knowing that you made a big effort to ask for their forgiveness. You’re telling him/her that they are the most important thing in the world, and that they are your first priority.

Gestures like these may be small, but the effort and the thought you place in executing them is the most important thing. When you take time to show your partner that he/she is important to you, especially after a fight, those petty arguments and disagreements will surely be an issue that will easily be resolved.

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