When you’re married, spending quality time together could mean getting take-out and watching your favorite television shows on TV. With hectic work schedules, sometimes all a married couple wants to do is wear their favorite pajamas and lie on the couch, watching TV. If you have a date night, sometimes you end up eating out at your usual restaurant or watch a movie. These things can be monotonous, automatic and boring. If your activities as a couple don’t bring you excitement anymore, it could lead to your own relationship being automatic and boring, too. If you want to keep the romance alive, make an effort to bring back the excitement you once had. One way to do that is by doing activities that are new to the both of you. Here are seven unconventional dates that you and your partner can do together to liven up your marriage:

1) Relive your first date. You can go to the place of your first date such as the restaurant or bar where you first met. Dress up the way you did on that fateful day and go there separately, as if you’re meeting for the first time. This date will surely bring back memories that will make you bond as a couple.

2) Wake up at 4 am on a Sunday, just to watch the sunrise. You can go to the beach or a mountaintop to eat breakfast and watch the sunrise there. It shows that both of you are making an effort to wake up early to spend a romantic few hours together.

3) Have a Playground Date. Go to the park and ride the swings, the seesaws and play with the monkey bars. It’s a simple and carefree way to spend an afternoon. Act like children, having no care about responsibilities and only yourselves.

4) Do something that neither of you have ever tried before. Take Tango dance lessons or a pottery class on a weekend. You never know you two might just like it.

5) Teach your partner a skill that you know. Teach your partner how to play the guitar or sew his own buttons. It makes them appreciate you more by knowing that your skills and talents are no easy feat.

6) Karaoke. Embarrass yourselves by singing sappy love songs to each other in a Karaoke bar. It’s not only funny but sweet at the same time.

7) Go to a restaurant whose cuisine you’ve never tried before. It could be a Persian or Japanese restaurant or whatever. Eat your dinner there and try the most unrecognizable food on the menu. Trying something novel is always a fun experience.

Whatever activity you decide to do, always remember that having fun with your loved one is the most important thing. Leave all your worries and responsibilities behind and give your partner utmost attention. It doesn’t take a lot to liven up a marriage. All you need to do is put in some effort to make your love alive.

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