The divorce rate in America is statistically very high. In fact, the United States has the highest number of divorced people in the entire world. About five people in every thousand are divorced.

In today’s world, instead of working out a relationship, people would rather give up and move on to the next person that comes along. People are so busy with their careers in this fast paced world that they often forget that money is not the most important thing, but it’s actually the people that we love.

So if you’re married or in a relationship, what can you do to make it last? There are no simple answers to what makes up a happy marriage simply because all couples are unique. The dynamics of a couple can only exist and understood by the very people involved in it. But, there are general factors that contribute to a healthy and happy relationship. A happy marriage is just like a recipe for food. You need to have the right ingredients in the right amount so you can come up with the right results. So here are some tip to help you to have that happy relationship.

First, and most of the time overlooked, is making small gestures. Yes, small gestures like running your partner a warm bath after they’ve had a bad day at work, lending them your coat when they are cold, or making them their favorite dish on an ordinary day. These gestures show that even when they don’t ask, you’re thinking of them. Sometimes, when you’re in a long term relationship, you forget that even though you’ve been together for a while, being wooed is still something that your partner needs.

Second, engage in novel and exciting activities every now and then. It has been shown that couples that are happy tend to take part in activities that involve both partners. So go on a weekend vacation, take dance lessons, play sports, and attend parties together. The more you spend leisure time together, the less likely you are to neglect your partner and be exposed to temptation.

Third, instill a sense of self. It’s so easy to get lost in your partner’s world when you are deeply in love with the person. You can sometimes lose who you are and adapt your life around your partner. It’s very important to keep parts of your lives separate. Even if you spend most of the time together, spend at least one day with your friends or your other family members. Do an activity that you enjoy doing alone. Loving yourself despite being in a loving relationship can be one of the best gifts you can give to your relationship.

If you think you lack one or two of these ingredients, do not worry because you can still do something about it. If you’re too busy to spend time together or cook his or her favorite dish, then make time. Has it been months since you had a good talk with your friends? Then call them up today and set up a date. The main key to a happy marriage or relationship is working at it.

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