Lace wedding dresses have recently become very popular. The good side is that they are of different types thus you have a wide range of options to choose from. The most common types are:

Mesh covered necklines

These are outfits that have necklines embellished with lace. The purpose of the lace is to draw people’s eyes towards the eyes of the bride.

Lace appliqué

Here the decorative lace detail is sewn to the base fabric such as netting or tulle. This style is an excellent way of incorporating the romance of the lace into your wedding day look. The appliqué can be over the bridal gown or be concentrated on other areas such as skirt, neckline, or bodice.

Long lace sleeves

They are great in hiding the tops of arms thus ideal for those who aren’t comfortable with the look of their arms. To be able to pull off great moves on the dance floor, you should ensure that the lace isn’t too restrictive. As rule of thumb you should go for a lace fabric that provides you with a bit of stretch.

Lace overlays

These are outfits that have a top layer of lace on them. While most of the layers are permanent, there are some that are removable thus you are able to transform your wedding outfit the way you want.

How to clean your lace dress

Lace tends to stain easily especially when it’s cleaned the wrong way. Due to this, it’s paramount that you learn how to properly clean your lace outfit. If you aren’t planning of taking it to a professional dry cleaner to clean it for you, you should follow these steps to give your outfit a great look:

You should start by soaking the outfit in warm water that contains one full cup of detergent bleach. You should let the dress soak until the water cools. You should drain the cold water and refill the tub with warm water. You should continue this process of replacing the water for about 24 hours.

When all the dirt has come off you should rinse your dress then place a soft towel on it. To press out all the water you should carefully roll up the towel.

Once all the water has come out you should unroll the towel and place the dress on another dry towel. You should let your wedding gown air dry on the towel.


These are the different types of lace dresses and how to clean them. For your outfit to last for a long time you should ensure that you buy it from a reputable store.

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