Having a custom wedding dress created is a popular option for good reason. A bespoke gown is unique and designed to suit a particular client on her big day – so nobody else will ever have exactly the same dress. However, your bridal look doesn’t stop with the dress – accessories to offset the design and style of the ensemble are almost as important.

Here are some tips on choosing the very best accessories to match your custom wedding dress.

Belts and tiaras

Depending on the design of the gown, some may be enhanced with the added sparkle of a jewelled belt. These are widely available (or you can have one made especially) and while they do not suit all styles, if you have your heart set on one, discuss it with your designer to see if it can be incorporated. The designer may have some original ideas or be able to advise you on potential sources to get a belt to suit. The same applies to a tiara if you want to finish your look off in the manner befitting royalty. Many women prefer to wear a tiara to a veil – although wearing both is not uncommon either.


While tiaras could fall into the realm of jewellery, we’re focusing more on earrings and necklaces here. Of course, a custom wedding dress will look stunning even unadorned, but when you add some carefully-chosen earrings and a necklace, the entire look will appear more ‘finished’ and elegant. Consider the type and colour of jewellery you usually wear (and that you feel comfortable in) then look around for something that will not only suit you but that is also appropriate for your bridal gown. For example, don’t opt for gold earrings if you would normally wear silver, and consider how a particular precious metal will fit with your dress – not all of them will suit every style.

Something old, something new…

If you’re keen to follow the old adage that brides should consider the old, new, borrowed and blue elements, consider this at an early stage. Some brides will be happy to wear a garter, for example, but if not, you’ll need to think about whether to opt for another solution to the traditional item. Either way, it pays to think about these accessories well ahead of time rather than leaving it until the last minute.

As you can see, a custom wedding dress can certainly be further enhanced if you choose appropriate accessories. Make sure this element of your wedding doesn’t get forgotten in the rush to make sure everything else is on track for the biggest day of your life.

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