Many brides opt for custom made wedding dresses with an attached train, but why not opt for a removable train as a unique accessory to really make your dress perfect for your big day?

The pros of a removable train

It’s a quirky fact of life that a bride can truly feel like a princess on her wedding day if she has a long flowing train on her dress. But they can be quite cumbersome. A detachable train, however, offers you all the benefits of the show-stopping attention you deserve on your big day, but it also means you can remove it to party in the evening. So, on your all-important first dance, instead of stumbling around trailing a train and fearing an embarrassing fall, you can remove it and glide around the dance floor with your new husband with all the grace and elegance befitting a new bride.

What’s more, a detachable train can actually save you money. Because the train can be removed for the reception, it basically creates a custom two-in-one dress and there is no need to buy different outfit to leave the event. You can splash out on one of the most beautiful custom made wedding dresses you can afford – after all, a bride only wears the gown for one day of her life, so why not wear it as long as possible? The extra cash could be put towards your honeymoon, hair accessories, the wedding cake or even the perfect shoes.

You can mix and match styles of trains and dresses to create a truly bespoke bridal ensemble. Custom made wedding dresses remain popular for their individuality and style, and a removable train allows you to be even more creative with your ideas. You could add a custom detachable train to a high-street dress or go for a completely bespoke dress.

Any cons?

There are really not very many reasons not to consider a detachable train when you’re having custom made wedding dresses created, but in the interests of a good debate, some brides may relate to the following.

There is a slight possibility that a detachable train could look a little less elegant than an attached one, however, if you choose your designer or seamstress with care (and make sure you see samples of their work and get some personal references), it is completely possible to have a removable train that looks every bit as stunning as an attached one.

There may be some brides who chicken out and, on the day, are afraid to risk removing the train: it looked so beautiful during the ceremony and now you’ve got a cluster of bridesmaids all tugging at it. ‘Please don’t pull at my dress like that. It might tear,’ you scream silently! As irrational as it may be, the possibility of your gown ripping may make you wish you’d never thought of the idea.

And, finally, perhaps you actually really want two outfits for your day! Two dresses, two pairs of shoes, two sets of accessories… and why not? It’s your wedding day after all!

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